How do I get started as a Fitbit Plus participant?

Get started as a participant in the Fitbit Plus app, and take the first steps toward your health and fitness goals. Use this guide to become familiar with key Fitbit Plus features.

To start, download the Fitbit Plus app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone*. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to create or log in to your Fitbit account. Note that you use your Fitbit account username and password to access both apps. For more information, see How do I create or log in to my Fitbit Plus account?

Help your coach learn more about you. On the Me page, enter your basic personal information, provide answers to questions in 3 health and wellness categories, and add a motivation statement. For more information, see How do I manage my health profile in the Fitbit Plus app?

Send a message to your coach to say hello, and get ready to start your first health action plan. For more information, see How do I read and send messages to my coach in the Fitbit Plus app? and How do I add, edit, or delete my health actions in the Fitbit Plus app?

*Note that the following operating systems support the Fitbit Plus app:

  • iPhone or iPad (iOS 9.0+)
  • Android phone (OS 5.0+)

If you don’t have a smartphone, visit the Fitbit Plus web app on a computer. Use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Mac only).

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